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Hi, I'm Nico.

I'm building online tools for a digital future. Currently working on Cattabu and learning along the way. I started out with a degree in Business Administration and Economics, but a coincidence led me to online learning, which has been my passion since 2012.

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Career Timeline

My Journey in Business and Entrepreneurship

From studying business internationally to founding multiple successful ventures, here's a look at my professional path.

International Business Studies

Studied business in Passau, Germany and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, gaining a global perspective on business practices and strategies.

E-Learning Support Staff

Worked in e-learning support, gaining valuable experience in the field and identifying opportunities for innovation in the industry.

Founded Schriever Advisory

Established Schriever Advisory, an e-learning design agency, leveraging my experience to provide innovative solutions in the field.

Launched Multiple Ventures

Founded Cattabu in May 2024, followed by TheDomainSearch and eLearningTranslator in June 2024, expanding my entrepreneurial portfolio in the digital space.